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What Do You Like?

Do you read online fiction? What type of fiction do you think works better serialised? These are questions that I’ve been wanting to research for some time. I have a poll below that will only take a few moments to complete. Thanks for your help. I’ll publish the results in a few weeks from now…

Free-Will Quickie

A quick thought. It seems to me that there is a major flaw in the arguments made by those who like to suggest that free-will does not exist. According to those who deny free-will, choice is an illusion. Apparently the idea of free-will and the modern scientific view of the nature of reality, are, for many top scientists, incompatible. Free-will, according to them, cannot exist. I was reading an...

Social Media Mind.

Are we getting carried away? The tides of social-media narratives are strong. Few who venture out on them, ever return. Harmony and balance do not exist in our digital realities. Harmony and balance is a real-world thing. Happiness does not arise out of an infinite collection of random digits but out of the soil of our experience. Harmony and balance arises out of a sense of connection with...

Ruins of a Church

Our landscape is littered with ruins telling us stories of other times. They are like old photos found deep in the heart of some forgotten album. Who doesn’t like to stay a while at such places and imagine what it would have been like to live when such places were full of life and living. The church was once at the epicentre of life for many people. It gave them hope. We cannot imagine the...

Making a Start

I’ve talked for so long about starting a YouTube channel while NOT starting a YouTube channel, that I was beginning to bore myself. It’s not particularly difficult to do. As all as you need is a mobile phone or camera, and something to talk about. (As well as a Google account and a name for your channel). But I made the YouTube channel idea into such a big thing. I was trying to...

Don’t Lose Sight

I believe that a synthesis of Christianity and Buddhism would be a great way forward for the future of religion and humanity. This synthesis may not be easy from a theological point of view but shouldn’t be too difficult from a poetic perspective. I believe Poetic Faith needs to be taken seriously. It has no affiliation to any religion but can perceive the Ultimate – God – in everyday experience...

Poet Shed Scribbles. Thoughts. Ideas.


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