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I wrote my first poem when I was eighteen. My education up until to then had been appalling. This was the 1970’s and the British education system was very, very far from its best. The writing of my first poem was in response to a deep questioning about what life was all about. Why was there something rather than nothing? Why could that...

Ruins of a Church

Our landscape is littered with ruins telling us stories of other times. They are like old photos found deep in the heart of some forgotten album. Who doesn’t like to stay a while at such places and imagine what it would have been like to live when such places were full of life and living. The church was once at the epicentre of life for...

Inside You

Love is a simple idea. Love is not about performance but about being. When you are in love the world doesn’t need to make sense it just needs to be and that becomes its purpose. The world is a place for love to be and for love to be it must have a one and at least one other. Love must be in at least two places before it can be in...

Life is Beautiful

I sat writing this poem this afternoon while listening to the music by Shigeru Umebayashi. I think I may have played Yemeji’s Theme and Efude several dozen times. Music moves me into inspiration better than anything. Before I turned the music on, I was reflecting on how it would be wonderful to be as free and simple as a child. As...

An Ullswater Reflection

This was our first break away from home since the start of the Winter lockdown. The Lake District campsite, where we stayed, was full of very happy adults and children in very holiday spirits. Lockdown, it seems, has not made us forget how to have fun. On Saturday evening Sarah and I walked down to Ullswater lakeside with our cameras and...

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