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Today I wrote a poem about love. Maybe I did so because I was listening to seventies songs beforehand. The seventies was a decade a bit obsessed by the subject. The seventies was my era. I was eleven when it began and twenty one when it ended. The sixties, the preceding decade, was even more preoccupied with love. It was at about that time that humanity discovered that love respects no boundaries. Love can’t be held back by social norms or religious ideals. Love has the freedom to do as it pleases, causing all-sorts of trouble.


Love, that’s what it’s all about 
not fortune, fame, fun 
but love. Don’t take my word for it

find it, try it. Don’t upload your mind
or sell your soul for a single shilling
coz love is what it’s all about.

Can’t find love? Well, connect
to someone, something, some place
intimately: arms, legs, mind, being,
wrapped around, inside, outside

like music, like a song from heaven,
nirvana… the way to love is being there
for love, mind emptied,
in poverty, pain, aching,

because empty is so full, and every day 
that’s what it’s all about,
don’t take my word for it, try it,

coz dinosaurs die and people love, that’s a fact, 
nothing else, get used to it, or you’ll dissolve
into noise, the night’s loss, into a long narrow

About Stephen

Stephen R K Fender

I enjoy experimental writing. I do not see myself ever fitting in with, and following, the standard literary route. I am a creative writer which means I like to experiment with words, styles and platforms.

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