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Looking Forward

Are we looking backwards too much? There are a lot of movements which are trying to rewrite history. Should we be doing this? History, whatever version we choose from, is dead. History is gone. The future is where change is possible, not the past. We should be looking at changing what has not yet happened rather than changing what has already gone. Some might say that changing the past helps us...

Quantum Christianity

Are you aware that it’s the 21st century? I imagine so. For those of us who lived in the pre-digital age, we can see not only the enormous changes that have happened over the last fifty years but also the potential that this new order offers. The digital age has firmly rooted itself in the present and will be with us as we go into the future. There’s no going back to those simpler analogue times...

To Thrill or Not To Thrill

I have been trying to decide what sort of online serial novel to write. My first choice is a psychological thriller. Second choice is a fantasy. What do you think? I really want to do this but seem stuck on what genre to write. Thrillers are popular but as books or eBooks. Fantasy might work better online? Here is part of the opening section of the thriller… Chapter One Olive sits at home...

What’s the Use?

What's the Use? What’s the use of a friend who doesn’t listen when you call for help, when you cry in anguish because your breath is spent? What’s the use of a friend who tramples your life into silence, who ties you in wire, suffocates you in plastic and clothes you hollow words? What’s the use of a friend too busy waging war on themselves to notice your suffering, your dying, your voiceless...


Today I wrote a poem about love. Maybe I did so because I was listening to seventies songs beforehand. The seventies was a decade a bit obsessed by the subject. The seventies was my era. I was eleven when it began and twenty one when it ended. The sixties, the preceding decade, was even more preoccupied with love. It was at about that time that humanity discovered that love respects no boundaries...

Life is Beautiful

I sat writing this poem this afternoon while listening to the music by Shigeru Umebayashi. I think I may have played Yemeji’s Theme and Efude several dozen times. Music moves me into inspiration better than anything. Before I turned the music on, I was reflecting on how it would be wonderful to be as free and simple as a child. As an adult my mind is like a well-stocked bric-à-brac shop...

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