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weather sows tip tip tap echoessighs from the cogs of a clockwork sea

sharp the sound sliding lengths of a glass eyedrawn silent by sleep, drawn silent

by night. wake then! dark is fled, cold playskettle in the kitchen, fire warms to the thought

of itselfto the thought of your skinagainst mine

once more

Love is Sound and Shape

I love spring. This morning I had to drive to Newcastle. I saw daffodils at the side of the road detoxing winter. I saw Lapwings and curlews arriving for their nesting season. After a while the breeze drew the clouds aside to reveal a shiny-blue sky. I saw grouse too. I love grouse, my favourite little creature. Anyway, as I drove my mind wondered onto the subject of love.    Love is...

Domesticated Yeti

When I was in my twenties and newly married, I moved to the mountains, to a little village called Albiez La Villette in the French Alps. My wife was the teacher there. It was a magical five years. It was the time in my life that defined who I am. I feel lost whenever I wander away from the person I became in that place – which is most of the time. I realise that people don’t have fixed identities...

What Now

Now doesn’t last long. It becomes a memory, a story, too soon. The actual is short lived. Our reality is that of an ever-shifting potentiality not a stability. Ideas move forward and jump from one moment to the other. Christianity has been doing this. Christianity has a backpack full of ideas: love, forgiveness, perfection, altruism, sacrifice… One gets the feeling that at present, today’s...

Returning to Self-World

When you have lived in the presence of a powerful narcissist you will get dragged into their world. In other words you will be living in their narrative and not your own. To function properly as your own person, you must be allowed to create and maintain your own self-story – your life-story. The only place you can realise your true nature – your hopes and dreams – is in a world that you...

Poet Shed Scribbles. Thoughts. Ideas.


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