Poet Shed Fragments. Scribbles. Crumbs.



I’m not sure about this poem. I wrote it the other day after going down to the lake to write something about feeling close to nature and the beginnings of the autumn season. It ended up like this, as a reflection on what it is to be. – How long does it take before we occupy our ‘place’ in reality, before we can...

Come On God

The best place to think about things is in a cafe. Although I’m having to cut back on my all too frequent pit-stops because of the cost – everything is more expensive nowadays – and my expanding waistline. Despite that I stopped a few days ago for a cuppa. And I jotted this poem down. Come on God So, come on God where...

Inside You

Love is a simple idea. Love is not about performance but about being. When you are in love the world doesn’t need to make sense it just needs to be and that becomes its purpose. The world is a place for love to be and for love to be it must have a one and at least one other. Love must be in at least two places before it can be in...

Ruins of a Church

Our landscape is littered with ruins telling us stories of other times. They are like old photos found deep in the heart of some forgotten album. Who doesn’t like to stay a while at such places and imagine what it would have been like to live when such places were full of life and living. The church was once at the epicentre of life for...

Don’t Lose Sight

I believe that a synthesis of Christianity and Buddhism would be a great way forward for the future of religion and humanity. This synthesis may not be easy from a theological point of view but shouldn’t be too difficult from a poetic perspective. I believe Poetic Faith needs to be taken seriously. It has no affiliation to any religion...


today today is tomorrow and yesterday and wild garlic and fluttering wings and my notebook and worms tunnelling under our gardens and migrating geese and sunshine and the lakeside where the kids used to bathe and mountains in pasture and blankets to lay on and sorrow and bees collecting nectar and emails to delete and questions. are we...

Poet Shed Fragments. Scribbles. Crumbs.


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